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Helping Students Navigate Opportunities

Naviance schools throughout the country are providing innovative programming to help students reach their postsecondary goals in college, career, and life. Read and view their stories to learn more about how educators are using Naviance to support CCLR programs in their schools.

Longwood High School (NY)

Longwood High School is part of Longwood Central School District, one of the most diverse communities - ethnically, socially, and economically - located in the middle of Long Island, New York. Longwood’s student population is approximately 50% free reduced lunch and 50% ethnic minorities. In 2015, Longwood went to an academy model with the goal of empowering students...Read More

KIPP Sunnyside High School (TX)

KIPP Sunnyside High School has been serving college-bound 9th through 12th graders from Houston’s Third Ward, Hiram Clarke, and Sunnyside communities since 2010. The academic and cocurricular programs at Kipp Sunnyside provide a college preparatory experience that empowers students with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to go to and through college. Of the approximately...Read More

Norwich Free Academy (CT)

Norwich Free Academy, incorporated 1854, is an independent, privately governed 9th through 12th-grade high school in Connecticut that supports students from 14 different towns. Blending the very best of private and public education, Norwich Free Academy offers students a truly unparalleled four-year student experience. Norwich Free Academy sought to develop a comprehensive...Read More

Fort Smith Public Schools (AR)

Fort Smith Public Schools serves approximately 14,000 students in grades K- 12. Approximately two years ago, the Fort Smith Public School District embarked on a strategic planning process with stakeholders in the community including parents, students, businesses, postsecondary partners, and educators. The strategic planning process led to a new mission...Read More

Franklin Middle School-Hamilton (NJ)

Franklin Middle School-Hamilton Campus is a Title 1 school located in Somerset, NJ. They serve approximately 650 students from diverse backgrounds. The purpose of their program is for the students of Franklin Middle School (FMS) to be knowledgeable about their interests and talents and wellinformed about postsecondary and career options, career planning, and requirements...Read More

John Hersey High School, District 214 (IL)

John Hersey is a 9-12 public high school of about 1,900 students in the Chicago suburbs. Their challenge is to balance programming at a school that has a strong college-going culture, but also has a growing number of first-generation and lowincome students. The school’s goals are to increase both college and career exploration opportunities so that when students graduate...Read More

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