Norwich Free Academy, incorporated 1854, is an independent, privately governed 9th through 12th-grade high school in Connecticut that supports students from 14 different towns. Blending the very best of private and public education, Norwich Free Academy offers students a truly unparalleled four-year student experience. Norwich Free Academy sought to develop a comprehensive school counseling curriculum for grades 9-12, using focus groups per grade level to create, update, and revise the curriculum. Counselors work in collaboration with teachers on lesson delivery and inventory completion, creating lessons that go along with each inventory given at each grade level.

Maximizing Naviance

To tie into annual state-required Success Plan meetings with students, Norwich Free Academy leverages Naviance to electronically track all programs and task completions. Norwich Free Academy can track completion rates and areas of interest for each student through Naviance reports. Counselors using Naviance can track and monitor goals and completion rates, while also promoting, reviewing, and revising current plans in place to ensure they are meeting students needs.

Impact of Naviance

With Naviance, counselors helped students complete tasks by going directly into the classroom and/or completing the mandated State of Connecticut Student Success Plan through individual and group meetings with students. Nearly 85% of students at each grade level complete tasks and programs assigned to them. For specific tasks assigned by grade levels, Norwich has seen 10th grade and 11th grade students with completed task rates as high as 93% and 99%, respectively.

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