Longwood High School is part of Longwood Central School District, one of the most diverse communities – ethnically, socially, and economically – located in the middle of Long Island, New York. Longwood’s student population is approximately 50% free reduced lunch and 50% ethnic minorities. In 2015, Longwood went to an academy model with the goal of empowering students to be the authors, navigators, and implementers of their personal college and career plan.

Maximizing Naviance

Longwood’s goal is to have students complete key activities such as resume building, career interests, etc. These activities help provide data to shape the program for each individual student, including courses and local business opportunities. They use Naviance now to be more purposeful and targeted to the individual’s interests, rather than those of a group of individuals. Longwood sets students with the right career fields and course work that meets their interests, enabling them to get an understanding of their fields of interest using modules, such as Roadtrip Nation, which is built into their curriculum.

Impact of Naviance

During the 9th grade, Longwood saw over a 2x increase in completing Career Tracking activity tasks in Naviance, from approximately 800 completions to over 2,000. Additionally, they now have nearly 800 completed resumes, where there was none prior to the implementation of the Academies using Naviance. In 10th grade, students are actively navigating college and careers with the use of assessments, postsecondary planning tools, as well as an Academy task that focuses on individual student goals and aspirations. Longwood has seen a 5-10x increase in Student Visits and Prospective College Exploration in Naviance and new usage of Surveys, Goals Tracked, and Resume Building. In 11th grade, students identify and utilize support systems to assist in actualizing their postsecondary plan and authoring their plan. Outcomes for 11th grade students include Student Visits, Prospective College Applications, Goals Tracked, Career Cluster Finders completed, Surveys Tracked, and Resumes. There has been a 2x increase in prospective college applications and activities now being completed including goals, surveys, and resume building.

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