John Hersey is a 9-12 public high school of about 1,900 students in the Chicago suburbs. Their challenge is to balance programming at a school that has a strong college-going culture, but also has a growing number of first-generation and low-income students. The school’s goals are to increase both college and career exploration opportunities so that when students graduate they are college, career, and life ready.

Maximizing Naviance

Naviance helps John Hersey identify and communicate with students for a variety of reasons. They run a report of first-generation students, students who have not submitted the FAFSA, and those from certain income levels and ethnic backgrounds. They import application data into Naviance and reach out to those students who have yet to submit an application, or make notes as to what their future plans are. In addition, they take results from different surveys in Naviance and group students by career interest, colleges applied to, and much more to make sure their communications are only going to those students for whom the information is applicable.

Impact of Naviance

John Hersey is in the beginning stages of implementing these programs, but so far the feedback has been extremely promising. Students in the 1st Gen College Prep Group indicated a 70% increase in their knowledge of the college process, from the start of the group until the end. Parents have been appreciative of the thorough and timely communication they have received. For quantitative data, John Hersey uses a mix of surveys and information from various programs or databases, such as Naviance. For example, before winter break over 85% of seniors applied to at least one college and over 67% of seniors submitted their FAFSA.

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