Franklin Middle School-Hamilton Campus is a Title 1 school located in Somerset, NJ. They serve approximately 650 students from diverse backgrounds. The purpose of their program is for the students of Franklin Middle School (FMS) to be knowledgeable about their interests and talents and well informed about postsecondary and career options, career planning, and requirements. Their goal is to provide exposure for students in “real-world” experiences that would greatly benefit them and broaden their horizons as to what opportunities exist for their futures.

Maximizing Naviance

FMS has launched a College & Career Readiness Initiative for 6th-8th grade students. They have continued to build the program for the last three school years. Their students have access to Naviance’s online college and career tool. Students have the opportunity for college and career exploration and to develop interest inventories, etc., to use at school and home. Introductory and early exposure to this program will benefit student usage in high school.

Impact of Naviance

Forty-eight percent of their students fall in the category of “Economically Disadvantaged.” Having access and opportunity to use various programs continues to be a problem for students and families. Experiences such as college tours allow students to see opportunities beyond their neighborhood and current family circumstances. FMS has had an increase in the participation of Hispanic students in college and career readiness activities. They have 304 Hispanic students and in the 2019-2020 school year (to date), they have hosted four Title 1 college and career programs and 112 Hispanic students participated by choice. That’s an increase in the participation rate from 8% to 37%.

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