Fort Smith Public Schools serves approximately 14,000 students in grades K- 12. Approximately two years ago, the Fort Smith Public School District embarked on a strategic planning process with stakeholders in the community including parents, students, businesses, postsecondary partners, and educators. The strategic planning process led to a new mission and vision for the district, Vision 2023. It outlines seven objectives and strategies that guide the decisions and resources used to support success for all students.

Maximizing Naviance

There are two strategies in the Vision 2023 where Naviance is a key component. First, in career planning, Fort Smith uses Naviance to develop and implement education and career pathways so that each student graduates with a viable plan and relevant skill set for his or her future. Second, on equity, Fort Smith developed and implemented a system-wide plan to provide all students with the resources they need to optimize their learning. The Naviance student reports indicate a large increase in student usage. One junior high report indicated over 10,000 student logins and another high school report indicated almost 9,000 student logins. With this being the second year of implementation, student engagement is key to future success. In addition, parent participation has grown to several hundred individual logins throughout the district. Parent involvement in Student Success Plans, which is a state requirement, will be supported using Naviance.

Impact of Naviance

The student assessment, interest inventories, course plans, career goals, and college interest areas follow that student within Naviance to each grade and school and provides a seamless transition between schools, counselors, and teachers. In addition, Naviance for parents allows the digital conversation to happen more frequently and with more sensitivity given to a parent’s schedule. They have access to the information at their convenience. Students are more engaged in course planning and goal setting. 100% of the 8th and 9th grade students in Fort Smith Public Schools has started a course plan in Naviance, with 59% of those students choosing a specific career pathway. As those students embark on the learning process, the end results will support the district’s Vision 2023 goals.

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